Etiquette & Conduct

You can download/print this along with other ‘Important Information For White Belts’ in Microsoft Word Format, here.

Lobby & Class Etiquette :

  • No Foul Language in or around the school
  • No Smoking, or Tobacco Products, Chewing or Spitting (In the lobby or outside on ATA property)
  • Respectfully greet and leave staff, instructors, juniors and seniors with “Hello/goodbye, ma’am/sir”
  • Students and Family Members Should Remain in the chairs during classes
  • Parents are to monitor their children at all times
  • Shoes are not to be worn on the mats!
  • Please arrive no more than 10 minutes ( To help maintain control in the lobby)
  • No horseplay in the lobby or outside on ATA property

Class Conduct:

  • Bow on Enter/Exit and greet with “Hello (or goodbye) sir/ma’am”
  • Bow and say the lesson of the month when you enter or exit the mat (see board for the month).
  • Show respect for High Ranks/Everyone During Forms. This is shown by saying yes/no sir/ma’am, and by doing what is asked of you on the first time
  • Line Up* In classes we line up by rank
  • Correct Responses*yes/no sir/ma’am any response with sir or ma’am at the end of it.
  • The oath, Songham Spirit of Taekwondo, will be said the beginning and ending of each class
  • Count During Exercises “One, sir/ma’am, Two sir/ma’am…” Each student is asked to count during the exercises to let the instructor know where they are at.

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