You can download/print this along with other ‘Important Information For White Belts’ in Microsoft Word Format, here.

Appropriate Attire For Students and Instructors:

  • All males must wear cup for ALL CLASSES
  • All Females must wear appropriate under garments. White shirts only for testing, rank ceremony and tournament. (unless participant is instructed to for demo team purpose only)
  • No jewelry, ie. earrings, rings or necklaces
  • Black Shirts are to be worn by Black Belts only! All others Red/Black through White-any other color-Except during Testing/ rank ceremony and tournament -white only or males may go shirtless under their dobok.
  • Formal white dobok must be worn for all testings, rank ceremonies and tournaments.
  • Tie your Belt Properly
  • To tie your belt take the left over go under the right side then take the right side (what used to be the left side) and go under the left side to make a square knot.
  • Proper Attire for Testing:
  • White uniforms will be worn at testings

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