Tri-State ATA is independently owned and operated by Jason Shepherd (6th Degree Black Belt, Level 3 Certified Instructor) in Angola, Indiana.  We are located at 202 E. Harcourt Avenue, in the same plaza as Buffalo Wild Wings. We also have locations in Sturgis, Michigan and Coldwater, Michigan.  Our schools are three of 1,500 independently owned and operated ATA schools and clubs teaching Songham Style Taekwondo, world-wide.

Songham Taekwondo

Songham Taekwondo

The Songahm style can be thought of as the heart of our Taekwondo.  ATA only licenses the use of its Songahm Curriculum and Logos to independently owned and operated business owners.  The licensed schools and clubs ensure that any and all are welcome to learn the world’s most organized, martial art: Songahm Taekwondo.

Jason Shepherd opened the Angola branch on August 1, 2003 inside Tricia’s School of Dance.  After just one year, the program outgrew the facility.  Mr. Shepherd moved the school to 834 E. Maumee Street in Angola, next to the Ford Dealership.  Five years later, the program again outgrew the facility, and so moved to our current location.

Angola ATA Do-Jahng

Angola ATA Do-Jahng

Our Do-Jahgn boasts 3500 square feet to afford us an up to date work-out area that boasts nice, high quality training mats and up-to-date equipment in excellent condition.  Additionally, our parent area holds stadium seating for parents and visitors, a spacious lobby, a room to hold shoes and coats, a restroom large enough for changing, private office space and private storage space.

What is a Do-Jahgn?   The do-jahng (Taekwondo facility) is the place to learn Songaham Taekwondo. The word do (way) jahng (area) means “the area in which we learn the way.” Respect is given to the place where this training takes place. This respect is not to the do-jahng as an object, but to remind us to keep our minds right, attitudes proper, and take care of the facility in which we train.

Our school currently employs six instructors and one office administrator.  We invite you to learn more about our instructors, here.


“We strive to provide the highest quality instruction through dedication to the needs of our students.”

Our goal is to help change lives one black belt at a time and to instill in our students the motto of the founder of the American Taekwondo Association, Eternal Grandmaster H. U. Lee that if:

“Today not possible, Tomorrow possible!”


Thank you for your interest in Angola ATA Martial Arts, independently owned and operated by Jason Shepherd.

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